6 hearts, red knight and dominoes card on a table with cup of tea and other objects


One Deck Game Cards are in keeping with the theme of 'playing cards with an extra dimension'. These cards are designed to be used to play all sorts of games beyond regular card games.

As well as regular card games, you can play chess, dominoes, checkers and more with them.

Printed in the EU by Cartamundi, the world's #1 playing card company.

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  • One Deck Game Cards being used to play chess on a metal table

    Something for Everyone

    With this one deck of cards there's fun for everyone. With an almost endless choice of what games to play, you'll always find one for any occasion - solo games like solitaire, two-player games like chess, and multiplayer games like dominoes or poker.

  • Animated GIF showing the 7 hearts morphing through its different functions - playing cards, chess, dominoes, checkers

    One Card is Many

    Each card has clear simple markings on it that let you play cards, chess, dominoes, checkers/draughts, backgammon, dice and more. And the backs of the cards are used to make up the black squares on your chess or checkers board!

  • A hand holding a spades royal flush in front of the Eurostar terminal at London St Pancras train station

    Never Be Without a Game

    The cards are the same width as regular playing cards so are very similar to play with, but because they're square the overall deck is smaller than a regular deck so you can carry them everywhere and never be without a game to play.

  • The four jokers of the One Deck Game Cards - showing chess, draughts/checkers, dice, dominoes and backgammon layouts.

    Instructional Jokers

    There are four jokers with the deck and these show you the layouts for chess, checkers, dominoes, dice and backgammon.

    There are also extra blank jokers that can be used to supplement the games you play.

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What games can I play?

It's pretty much impossible to list all the games you could play with One Deck Game Cards but here are some to kick you off. Card games in particular would be an endless list all by itself, but then we can add variations of chess, checkers, dominoes, and any game you can play with up to three dice. And then if you add two decks we get even more!

  • Card Games

    Rummy, Cribbage, German Whist, Gin Rummy, Hearts, Ninety-Nine, Spades, Bridge, Canasta, Cheat, Knock Out Whist, Poker, Bridge

  • Chess & Others

    Chess, Draughts/Checkers, Tic-tac-toe, Backgammon, Giveaway, Fox and Geese, Corner Checkers, Goban, Turkish Draughts

  • Domino Games

    Chickenfoot, Cyprus, Draw Game, Maltese Cross, Matador, Sebastopol, Spinner, Tiddly-Wink, Trains, Bergen, Muggins, and 3s

  • Dice Games

    Mexico, Chicago Dice game, Pig Dice game, Farkle, Bunco, Cho-Han Bakuchi, Balut Dice Games, Shut The Box, Bar Dice game, Going to Boston